Thursday, August 13, 2015

Harmattan Design | Contemporary Leather Individuality

Leather goods such as bags and small accessories are in constant demand due to high practical value of the leather itself and of course luxurious trademark that is hidden behind quality and hard work of manufacturer. In this article I am thrilled to introduce you to Harmattan Designs. New name in the leather industry yet with a contemporary and provocative view on modern gentlemen attire.

I have discovered Harmattan on Kickstarter as a project that is still out there waiting for your support guys. Currently brand has to offer a collection of 14 designs, which consists of messenger bags, backpacks, cyclist bags, photo bags and even a tube for artists and architects. Personally, I find it a very strong point of Harmattan that they can offer customers rare options such as artist tubes or special camera bags as though customers from creative industries are the ones, who want to stand out and very often they do not have any chance for that because they need to choose regular black carry-on that was made for professionals from their industry. I highly hope that Harmattan will revolutionise professional equipment industry with high quality leather designs.

Moreover, there are plenty of other bags that are worth mentioning. For instance, my favourite piece from the entire collection is a big travel bag that can be found right below this article. As a person who travels a lot, I am in a constant chase of stylish solutions for hand luggage and it is really hard to find something that will look amazing and at the same time offer quality for reasonable price.

I hope that you find this company as interesting as I do and will support them on Kickstarter by ordering one of the goods. Who knows, maybe one of these 14 bags will become your new best friend for a life time. You know, leather goods are timeless when they are high quality.

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