Thursday, July 9, 2015

Howard Flacke | Horn Eyewear

When it comes to buying new clothes, accessories or other piece of personal style equipment I love to find products that stand out. I believe that wardrobe, which consists of things about which you can tell at least one interesting statement is really fascinating. Items need to have stories. This is why today I decided to share with you guys this amazing new product on kickstarter. Howard Flacke Eyewear is made out of genuine horn making it a great looking piece with beneficial qualities that plastic would not be able to offer. 

These glasses are very light and hypoallergenic, which is very important for people who have irritations. In addition, there is one particular quality that will absolutely fascinate a lot of people. As far as I know from my friends, people who do not regularly wear glasses find it sometimes really hard to switch for sunglasses as though they feel highly uncomfortable having something on their face that constantly feels behind the ears. Horn eyewear is able to adjust persons contours after a continuous wear. Pair of glasses that resembles your contours is something we all want to possess. 

When it comes to styling, their shape and colour patterns are not avant-garde, but rather very adjustable. It would be absolutely appropriate to wear them on an everyday basis in your work environment, meeting with friends, having a weekend getaway trip and of course by the sea. Unfortunately, this brand is still on its way as a kickstarter, but if you also really enjoyed it, you can show your support on the website in order to help it become an actual market product that will make many people happy.  

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