Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fashion Infection | Menswear

Fashion Infection annually unites people from different backgrounds that are interested in latest fashion concepts and particularly fashion as a piece of art. I promised you my dear readers to give a view on the menswear collections from the second day of the event and this is the post dedicated for it.

Lilija Larionova is a creator of the following pieces that are also known as White Horses/4. Lilija Larionova has based her latest fashion collection around childhood environment and nature. Particularly she played with folklore making it suitable for modern expectations. Due to the inspirational environment, taken materials also correspond with inspiration as though chosen materials are wool and cashmere.

Liucija Kvasyte is the designer of the following collection called Kelione. '83-'13 (Trip. '83-'13). This collection is dedicated towards analysing human behaviour, particularly daughters and fathers relationship, which is shown in a very original way. Father is shown as a role model, alpinist, who is ready for the trip. Whereas metallic textures tend to question human presence in the urbanised modern environment. Traditional cuts and modern spark are both present in this interpretation under the name trip.

Sandrine Philippe created a collection called Black Hypothermia. Sandrine is saying to have focused on the topic of past and present human evolution making all the cuts and silhouettes floating and in motion so as to emphasise an idea of the cocoon. Sandrine's collection is not one of those that I enjoyed during the show due to the fact that it is to simple and already seen. I believe that it is the main problem with dark urban collections. Most of the cuts, silhouettes and textures in this type of collections was already seen all around the world in every single city as a street style look. It take a lot of work to impress me with such collection and this time it did not happen.

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