Monday, March 30, 2015

Fashion Infection | Day 2

Fashion Infection's second day had its surprises regarding collections as well. Luminescent designs, black saga and of course original trends were all present during another fashion weekend day. In fact, second day was rich in menswear collections therefore I decided to dedicate a separate post particularly for menswear presented at Fashion Infection, which will come out shortly. In this post, however, I am giving you a sneak peak on the women collections and one mixed. 

Following collection is a work by designers BOOM and it is called Woman of Forest. Collection is an interpretation of a forest nation that ran away from the modern society. Moreover audience are caught in the middle of women wedding inside this forest culture. Some trademarks of forgotten elegancy strike through harsh masculine silhouettes bringing slight touch of women delicacy into this emancipated nation. 

I really enjoy the manner in which it was brought for the audience because collection is held in very natural textures and colours, making it a direct interpretation of forest life, but as you can notice there are some colour splashes that link countryside with big town glamour and luxury. Even though in the collection pieces look only like a theatrical message, if worn separately there are some really good finds that need to be considered. 

Kristina Kruopienyte is a creator of the following collection known as Monk. Collections name speaks for itself. Monk lifestyle is a leading motive of the following art pieces. All outfits are based around ascetic life that was brought to the big city and unisex pieces that are limited to a minimum and held in very dark colour palette so as to ensure calmness of the patterns. Collection is highly wearable in the AW15'16 season and should definitely be considered by those seeking new pieces for their urban wardrobe. 

Lena Lumelsky is a new name for the Lithuanian public, but she is already a successfully emerging designer and her pieces are sold around different world cities. With many fabulous designs on the background, this season Lena Lumelsky has focused on Scottish motives. Outfits are inspired by traditional Scottish garments and very calm, warm feeling, but on the other hand there is also indisputable presence of modern trends and cuts, which from time to time strike through neutral clothing pieces.

Lena Lumelsky has chosen a perfect place to show her new collection as though Lithuanians are highly in love with nordic strict looks and the collection will undeniably find huge success among local consumers.

Lina Elmentaite is another designer who decided to show her latest work on the Fashion Infection under the name of Aplinkos Atspindziai (environment reflections). This collection is indisputable interpretation of humans place in modern urbanised environment. Pieces are held in metallic, reflective textures that correspond with human body through transparency. There is no correlation between human being and outfits, which makes the message of lost nature even stronger. Overall collection is quite interesting to interpret, but undeniably it can be worn only on high end events and exclusive nights. If you will wear it to any event throughout the day, you will absolutely ruin it and cheapen.

Collection Captured by Monta Apsane has found its interpretation through traditions of Northern Europe, particularly their tradition of a swim in the cold sea. Monta Apsane is one of the winners on Fashion Injection competition from Latvia. Transparency, floating patterns and colour palette common to deep cold sea surroundings that are part of the collection message. It is partially about play with human body that is brought to the main importance. Clothes are only a structure bringing deeper meaning to human essence.

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