Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fashion Infection | Day 1

Fashion Infection is probably my favourite annual fashion event in Vilnius, Lithuania. During few days of the event famous and emerging designers gather in contemporary arts centre to present their collections for the upcoming season and make a statement for the guests. 1st day did not disappoint me and I got a chance to see a lot of works that deserve attention. In this article I am going to present you day 1 collections and hopefully something will be interesting for you as well.

The following two pictures represent a collection by Ana Romanova & Dovile Cibulskaite called Pure?. Collection shows a direction relation between sports and chic. I really like the suggested colour scheme for the season, but as a menswear blogger, I must make a separate remark regarding menswear pieces. Perhaps the only two models that I would suggest would be the grey-silver one and light blue. Red and pink pieces should not be considered as a serious outfit, but just rather as a show piece. 

Following pieces are from Laura Dailidenienes seasonal collection created for her brand Daili. Cuts are absolutely perfect and colour palette will find its followers among different age groups. I absolutely love the fact that modern pieces are combined together with classical items because that way outfits looks more expensive, elegant and catch attention among people with different points of view. One of the collections from the day 1 that should really catch your attention. 

Following pieces are a creation of Lina Gudanaviciute. Led by rap music this collection is an interesting combination of last centuries American hairstyles and modern futuristic cuts. Overall, I believe that it was a good job and is definitely a work of a high quality. For young consumers I would definitely suggest wearing outfit the way it was presented on the catwalk, but for middle aged women it would be better if separate items would be pulled out from the looks and combined with other pieces. 

Mari Butenko, whose outfits you can see below, is an emerging designer from Russia, who got her place in the fashion weekend throughout the injection competition. She really deserves this place. Collection became a certain time bridge between the beginning of the century fashion and futurism. Extravagant pieces would catch every street photographers attention because they are extremely stylish, but at the same time do not brake extravaganza boundaries. I would suggest wearing pieces separately and maybe including one piece of clothing by Mari Butenko and combining it with classical items. 

Monika Pranckaityte is another designer found by injection competition. Monika's work is a completely modern collection both cuts and materials wise. Silver and very strong colours used with clear shapes give a very young and fresh feeling. I would call this collection very New York'ish as I would easily imagine it on the catwalks in one of the showrooms near Central Park. When it comes to age group, perhaps the collection should be left for young generation. 

Sandra Straukaite's collection I would call a good art piece. It looks good on the pictures and should definitely inspire photographers, but I highly doubt its existence in the city. I would not suggest considering it as a possible outfit for the day. 

Santa Aulmane was also found by Fashion Injection and is an emerging designer from Latvia. Collection was fabulously received by the public and will undoubtedly catch many consumers regarding separate pieces. Of course the collection was presented as mainly a piece of art and I would suggest wearing items particularly separately throughout the day and also collection should be considered only by young generation.

Ugne Martinaityte is not a new designer and she already possesses some experience in the industry. This collection was my least favourite throughout the 1st day because it is too straightforward regarding what is out there already on the streets. Perhaps I got tired of black & white street looks with beanies that have words on it or from grunge inspired checked clothing. I think that black street culture based on grunge pieces will receive a lot less followers in the upcoming seasons and I doubt its existence as a new inspiration by a designer. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts regarding the second day, backstage photos and of course fashionable guests.

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