Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Dress Code

Valentine's Day Dress Code

Massimo Dutti Dot Briefcase
£255 -

Massimo Dutti Raised Pattern Blazer
£165 -

Massimo Dutti Structured Trousers
£72 -

Chanel citrus perfume

Printed silk pocket square | dolce&gabbana online store

It's Valentine's Day! I hope you did not forget to buy your beloved one a present, maybe you even used one of the tips from the previous article. However, let's not forget about individual look as well. I mean, your second half will feel even better if during your romantic day you would dedicate some time for individual style. So as to make the look more romantic I decided to include red details, which make an accent at the same time not making the overall look too difficult. Red details as you can see are included in the pocket square and also on the inner side of moccasins that would not normally catch the look on the street.

When it comes to deciding what to wear, I definitely suggest going for a moral formal look, but so as to make it look a perfect date outfit and not an office piece I decided to loosen suit image and create a combination of patterns and colours with different blazer and trousers. This make you look polished, sophisticated, but at the same time ready for a date, not a work day. 

Briefcase would be a good idea because it would store all your paperwork if you met your second half right after the office or maybe if you decided to hide somewhere a box of chocolates for her or maybe even a jewellery gift. At the same time briefcase corresponds with the moccasins and definitely looks well incorporated. 

I could not add a watch to this look. Women wear different jewellery and very often, whereas we, men, have only certain attributes like a watch. Therefore, watch has to look as one of the most expensive pieces in your looks because it brings sophisticated message into the style. In fact, perfect combination of colour in relation to previously mentioned items. Could watch be red? Definitely not. Do not over play it. Besides, you would want to wear your watch after Valentine's as well and you will rarely come up with a look that would include a red watch.

Last but not least, a fragrance. Fragrance ties your look together. Tells others about your taste, preferences and wiseness. Especially if we are talking about Bleu de Chanel, perfect fragrance for a perfect day. 

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