Thursday, February 19, 2015

NYFW'15 | Jacket Trends

New York is a major city for street fashion and Avant-Garde. Being a source of inspiration for many emerging and well established designers this city is always very interesting to watch when it comes to fashion weeks. This years NYFW'15 brought some great pieces and trends into our lives as well as some misunderstandings. Do not worry, I will spend some time discussing fashion cliches and misunderstandings in upcoming posts, but this time I would like to provide you a f.affiche insight into jacket trends according to NYFW'15. 

This post features pieces from two collections- Billy Reid and Todd Snyder. Billy Reid, which starts this set of pictures, is a collection of statement looks. Mainly playing with simple natural colours this designer brings Avant-Garde in terms of shapes and cuts. Undoubted presence of shearling with a combination of rustic grey shade bring countryside into the streets of NYC. In relation to the first two Billy Reid looks, it would be best if you would mix it up with clothes with the similar colour palette and story. If you are not a stylist, better do not try using statement shirts and t-shirts, it might turn out to be a cliche. 

First two looks of Todd Snyder are extremely militaristic. Old trend or new opportunity? Both actually. Military never goes out of fashion, sometimes it is less active, sometimes extremely trendy but always present in every season, that's why you should better invest in a more expensive and higher quality military piece, invest more and you will have a long time piece of clothing in your wardrobe which can be matched in different ways every season.

Next few looks of Billy Reid that are shown here are much more casual. They are much more easy to be mixed up with different items but at the same time would also make you slightly stand out from the crowd in a good way of course. Even though I really appreciate these statement jackets especially when discussing fashion week in New York which is bound to be extravagant, every wardrobe deserves implementation of classics. Get yourself one of these simple Todd Snyder jackets and you will always get a perfect everyday look. 

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