Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Extravagant Formality | Giorgio Armani Fall'15

Even though menswear fall'15 fashion shows have already finished, there is still a lot to discuss. I could not help but to share with you my opinion on Giorgio Armani Fall'15, which took suit style on slightly extravagant level. In this years collection Giorgio Armani is playing with a series of latest trends restyling them so as to fit formality. It is highly noticeable by such details as oversized scarfs (in this case it is fur), shearling stylisation and of course suit patterns. In fact, Armani introduced a brave bold idea on how to refresh your tuxedo wear, but make sure it is still made out of expensive high quality materials otherwise you will turn from bold into bad taste. This collection also implements some great ideas on how you can dress for the office. However, make sure that you fit into your workplaces dress code as these looks would look completely inappropriate in law office, bank or any legal institution. Some of the places where you can implement these looks include creative offices, pr or advertising careers and if worn accordingly then even company directors look. What I would advise you to do is not to go only with the look as it is shown in the collection, do not be afraid to mix it up with other items and clothes creating your individual look. It is important to acknowledge that every collection is designers message to the audience, but audience should decode it according to individuality.

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