Monday, January 26, 2015

Paris Fall'15 | Street Style and Place de la Concorde

For me Paris is always a synonym of high life. It is one of those places where you undoubtedly become engaged with art, want to grab a croissant in a small family owned boulangerie on one of the petit rue's. Place where it seems that perfect fashion taste is crucial to survive. Therefore, looking at its street style during fashion weeks is like examining a painting. It is crucial to understand what was the message but then it is also important to engage with the content from viewers perspective and ask yourself what do you see in this pattern, colour, shape and style combination. 
Undoubtedly Paris and overall French style has its unique qualities. It is not as free as Italian fashion, but at the same English strictness is also irrelevant. I call it L'homme de Boheme - the man from boheme. Perhaps I would translate it as blurring classics with sophisticated French art and adding a deepness in to the story. This is what French fashion is for me. Please find a source of this years inspiration below and enjoy!

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