Friday, January 30, 2015

Dark Magic Couture | Paris Fall'15

While Paris Fashion Week is still on its run, I am giving you a view on three collections in particular: Hermes, Lanvin and Dries Van Noten. Dark magic? Definitely, designers presented a series of outfits particularly in dark shades which is absolutely natural as we are speaking about fall'15 season, but this few collections are astonishingly deep as I would say. 
Hermes took what they know best- leather, and used it as a navigating point. I am highly fascinated by the leather cardigan on the first image which brings me to 1940's cuts. However, due to the print detail on the chest line, this model becomes a contemporary interpretation of classics. This item is a bit screaming because of its pattern and shape, therefore I would definitely recommend styling it with simplicity and dark colours. Another outfit reinforces very trendy item- roll neck. Yes, it will remain popular throughout the fall'15 season as well, whereas this colour makes it easy to combine it with different stories. Again, as we are speaking about Hermes, I want to pay a bit attention to the bag. This leather model is a good option for city gents. It is big, quality speaks for itself and the model itself is very strict so don't worry about looking not enough masculine. The last piece that I chose caught my attention because of this incredible bomber/leather jacket combination that extremely catches your eye. It can be styled in a variety of ways starting with chinos and going further to tweed trousers or jeans. Numerous combinations and no matter how you will dress, it will immediately catch attention as being of an extremely high quality. 

Lanvin brings rockabilia into our life. Rock became highly inspirational source for various designers  throughout the last few season and as we can see it will remain an important throughout Fall'15 as well. Clean cuts and no pattern play, outfits become distinctive and original because of the patterns.

Dries Van Noten decided to play with patterns and colours. Again, we can notice highly popular military long length jacket that was often shown by different designers. I would definitely recommend keeping it simple when it comes to military jacket. If you want to be impressive, add colour and originality in bottom layers like shirt rather than a jacket. Dries Van Noten also decided to play with a classical trench coat. As you can see, cuts differ from what we are used to in a classical piece and designer also reinforced this item with unique print.

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