Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oriental Spring by Juozas Statkevicius Spring/Summer 2015

Today I am bringing you some insight on Lithuanian fashion concepts for upcoming spring/summer 2015. I was really happy to see this collection as I got tremendously tired of all this darkness and urban styling around us. Oriental styling became a refreshment for me and I definitely believe that it is also highly inspiring.
Even though collection was both womenswear and menswear I would like to focus on menswear. What I would suggest you guys is pulling out separate ideas out of the collection and styling them with modern pieces. Especially, if a trip to oriental country is currently on your schedule, then stop on the local market and get yourself an interest one of a kind accessory, you will never regret it, trust me. Seeing a unique oriental accessory styles with modern pieces always makes you stand out.

Pictures: many thanks for Tomas&Lukas! Lots of amazing pictures.

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