Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Street Look

Menswear street fashion is so vibrant, original and interesting lately that I even decided to dedicate a post to it. The best thing in street fashion is that people do not only follow latest trends, but also add a piece of their own character. None look is as interesting as the one, which was splashed by ones individuality.
First I thought about giving some kind of an advice for those who don't know how to look when they leave home in summer, but I realised that there are no specific rules. The only remark is to look in the mirror before you leave and think if you look interesting for yourself. Do not be afraid to stay playful, I mean who wants to wear blue jeans and black shirt all the time. I would suggest to forget about the black colour and look for something fresh that makes you feel happy, because nothing accessorises look more than a happy wearer.
When it comes to the latest trends, remember not to use too many of them. Trends are fashionable when used in small quantities, if everything about you screams: trend, trend, trend it makes you look a bit cliche.


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