Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seaside Art, Business, Casual | Gucci, Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo

Due to the fact that there were not a lot of collections shown on Sunday, I decided to choose three collections for a one post from both of Monday and Sunday. There were a lot of pieces, which I truly loved in most of the collections but there were a couple of disappointment collections as well. However, in this post I will focus on the applicable and well thought of collections from three specific  genres: the more artistic and statement collection - Gucci, a very good choice for a spring day in business - Emporio Armani, casual option for a stylish men- Salvatore Ferragamo.

What I particularly love about the Gucci is that they never go for extreme extravaganza but at the same time know how to make a statement. This captain inspired collection is a point between fun and strictness. You would not say that they are sad or conservative but neither it is relaxed. In fact, combination of blue, red and white was also a yacht man look carried on perfectly during spring or summer. Not to mention the bondi blue suit on the third picture, which is a tremendously trendy shade and should not be forgotten for Spring 2015. Of course you will also notice a traditional combination of black and white in this collection as where did you see a real captain without any black and white clothes? I would definitely suggest going for Gucci for Spring 2015 because pieces look really great and can be matched in various outfits. 

Go for Emporio Armani. Seriously, if you have to work during summer and your office does not have a strict dress code, if you are a representative of more creative business careers like PR or marketing, or if you work in a strict office, but came to work on Friday, choose one of the pieces from Emporio Armani Spring 2015 collection. They are not only expensive and high quality looking, but bring chic to what we are used to call basic urban black look. This collection proves that even wearing only shades of black, you can stay unique and original. 

Why I chose Salvatore Ferragamo as a great casual look? Mainly because it is truly great. As you may notice these outfits look really distressed and I madly adore the texture play in the collection. Collection perfectly illustrates how we can carry a bit glossy materials during day. Whereas this mix of maroon red, purple and bronze in the pants will definitely become a trend of the season due to a huge outfit freshness and various combinational methods. These shoes are what really caught my eye, I really love how does this washed leopard print looks with auburn red leather. Definitely worth taking a look. 

I am really thankful to for the pictures. 

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