Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is hidden behind the words?

Fashion is not only about following trends and matching items in one of outfit, fashion is also an art of bringing certain story, idea to the public. Every outfit can have lots of stories considering models development, creation and when was it worn.
Today I would like to tell you about trendy sweaters and tees, which do not only look really well, but also tell a certain story. I would like to start with the ones I found on Divine Trash website. The first one would be a model by Realm & Empire called Holdfast Sweater. As you can notice, on the front there are words saying Holdfast, so what does it actually mean? Holdfast is a traditional term tattooed onto the knuckles of sailors to bring them good luck at sea. Does it make wearing this sweater any different? Yes it does, you become a role player of a certain story. Next model also found on the same website and made by previously mentioned designer is a very clever t-shirt relating to First World War. It says: The wolf is at the door, don't waste bread. What makes this model very original and nostalgic is a meaning and usage of these words. They were first mentioned on posters displayed at that time encouraging people not to waste food. This is personally my favourite model, which makes me related to the story at some point. The last design also created by Realm & Empire is called: V for victory. It represents a photographic image of Churchill acknowledging the roaring crowds and an iconic v shaped symbol. It appeals to the phenomenal british history and the most admirable aspects of britishness.
The reason I wanted to give you an insight to this topic is to remind, that sometimes the meaning behind the words is hidden and when we just go pass throw at the shop and do not take this into consideration we miss lots of amazing designs and clever ideas. I would really advise you to think about what you wear and you will look better.

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