Sunday, August 4, 2013

Abarcas - source for modern inspiration

Abarcas are certain shoes, which are traditionally worn by men and women in Spain. Most of them are made of leather and represent this magnificent country.
On my trip to Spain I saw this model very often while glancing throw the local store windows, (It becomes especially fascinating when you walk throw the narrow streets in a small country and suddenly you find a small and very beautiful shoe store ran by friendly and kind Spanish woman) when I got interested in what they particularly represent I started to notice people around town wearing them, everyone seemed to like them. Who does not want stylish piece of Spanish culture and deep traditions as a part of their look?
Their shape and form make you feel inspired by the country, you can easily imagine yourself walking throw the streets of Girona or drinking a cup of cortado in Barcelona. However, they are still not very popular in Europe, while the model is very adaptable and can easily fit needs of different styles considering both formal and more casual. They are all about variation, it is a professional game of shapes and colors. You can easily style them with bermudas, shirt and summer bowtie but at the same time you are free to wear long summer pants with a shirt and be on your way for a walk around the Monte Carlo.
As you can see, these are the shoes, which deserve your attention. We are all getting bored with the usual item combinations, which we see on the streets. We need an original sparkle, something, which enhances our outfits, retells a different story. This is an item of your wardrobe that would make you stand out from the crowd.

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