Monday, July 1, 2013

Mode ou pas de chance?

Dear readers,
Today I continue with few more reviews of the latest menswear collections coming out on runway. My latest choice is Saint Laurent and Thom Browne.
Menswear fashion designers always spend a considerable amount of time on identifying who is their real customer for the season as well as bring a certain cohesive thought for the masses. Saint Laurent and Thom Browne are the fashion houses which particularly disappointed me bringing out the combinations which are rather vulgar. Mode ou pas de chance?
If we speak particularly about Saint Laurent, I truly believe that they lost their true customer. This fashion house was always about luxurious, elegant and chic outfits. They always try to bring some extravaganza out but at the same time know how to present strong and meaningful message. However, spring 2014 collection is lost in color. There is no dominance, which makes outfits look really cheap and second handed. At the same time, most outfits scream - feminine. Starting with womenswear clothing shapes and going forward to the leopard top jacket, only few pieces can be considered as menswear, which makes it quite sad. Is the Saint Laurent fashion house lost from its true trends?
Thom Browne's collection for the season is the one, which from the head to toe screams vulgar. First of all, red lipstick was definitely unnecessary as the collection already has a very noticeable red color in the outfits and lipstick makes it look clownish. Bottoms, which are all of different length, make this part of an outfit unwearable in the environment. If you look at some tops, they have a focusing point at the bottom of them, which makes the whole outfit collapse.
Below you can find some photos from the collections, which are brought to you from useful website.



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