Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When the style meets classics

Good day my dear readers,

not a long time ago I asked myself - why do we talk only about extravaganza? Classics are not the part of our life anymore? Classics can actually make our look pop! Besides, businessman's do not wear T-shirt's to their work. Already interested in classics? Dunhill is a good example.
Alfred Dunhill's projects are a good example of how successful man can look. They can bring you elegance and quality, style and respect from others. Make sure you stop over their internet shop and I guarantee you will find something eye catching. Personally, I often love mixing classical items with modern and extravagant it can usually evolve in a very unusual and unique attire. World and success is about experimenting, you never know when it can become a piece of art. I suggest you stop over the Shop the Voice Campaign at Alfred Dunhill's, I found there some really admirable items. I especially like those cufflinks with original initials of the owner. From my point of view, they bring you status and look admirable.
I really hope you find something interesting there and worth your attention. Text me back if you get yourself stylish cufflinks or blazers I am open to your voice. And remember you have to experiment always. At the bottom you can find link to the website.

Yours Faithfully,

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