Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have your aviators?

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yes, as you can see it is still quite cold in most of the countries. I don't know how about you, but I can't wait till spring finally comes, so I decided to make a post on how to bring the spring/summer feeling faster. Sunglasses! Yes, you read right, I really mean sunglasses. Even though it's winter outside, there are still lots of sunny days and what could be better than going out to the park on a sunny Saturday day wearing stylish gloves and aviators? It is not the secret, that when we wear sunglasses we get this holiday spirit, as if we would be enjoying ourselves with a cocktail in the summer.
I decided to take a look on classics, basically Ray-Ban's. I always saw this brand as a synonym of good taste and quality. I agree with you, that the price for a pair of glasses may be higher than some of the cheaper brands, but Aviators always stay in fashion so this investment is really safe.
Also, another reason why I love Aviators or Wayfarers is that they look perfectly on you in any season. Especially they look very great with fur-leather jackets, so you don't have to be worry about getting misunderstood. You can always interpret Aviators in your outfit the way you like. Of course, usually they are worn in military style outfits, which by the way is extremely trendy right now, but you are free to experiment! Either you'll end up with a city dandy look, or maybe it will be sports chic, or even you will wear them next autumn season with extremely designers beloved rockstar/hippie look.
As you can see there are numerous ideas on how to wear them and where to wear them. Besides, who doesn't want stylish glasses for reasonable price? Below you can see few of the links where to find Ray-Ban's aviators.

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