Wednesday, January 16, 2013

F/W 2013 - texture

Good day my dear readers,

lots of designers have already introduced their collections for men in the upcoming fall/winter 2013 season. How will we look? Any reflectance on the past? Maybe.
Going throw the collections I have found many lines which looked attractive for me, but also I saw some of them that from my point of view were a complete disaster. I am mostly happy about Milan's fashion week, it was interesting to see what top designers have to offer this season and it was worth it. If we look throw the London's fashion week my favorite was Burberry Prorsum, but London made me feel little bit disappointed. There were some collections which were, from my point of view, not the best options for both fashion and art.
Below you can see photos from few of my favorite designers this season. However, I wouldn't say, that there is one particular trend which all the designers try to follow. Everyone has its own vision, but all of them enjoy playing with different textures in one outfit. Versace has a reflection on the textures from the late 20th century, good move. Some of the designers like Topman Design continue making their way into the market with splashing bright colors. Armani, Ferragamo, Burberry, Trussardi, Cavalli are all bringing classics with a piece of eclecticism in to the fashion.
Hopefully you enjoyed the fashion week and found your favorites.

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