Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide!

Hello my dear readers!
Winter finally outside! It's still 2nd of December, but I can't wait for Christmas to come. After all these years I realized, that Christmas and New Year are my two favorite holidays. Why? Because they are classy and elegant, every time I think about Christmas or a New Year celebration I see beautiful outfits in front of my eyes. Shops are getting filled with presents and gorgeous packagings, every time I walk down the street I see beautifully decorated store windows. Probably the best part is that we want other people to feel happy, December is the time when we don't hesitate on the price of a gift, only thing we think about is whether person to whom I buy it will feel happy or not.
Of course, gifts aren't the things which get done in one day, especially if we talk about Christmas! Usually it takes weeks to find a perfect gift. Today I am presenting you my personal gift guide for men. As you probably noticed I am in love with Alexander McQueen's fashion house work, this is way, one of the items in this guide is McQueen's bracelet. Beautifully designed and worth your attention. When you go further you can notice this book called: "How to be a Gentleman", I found it in Harrods and it could become a perfect book gift idea.
Also, for me Christmas is usually a family celebration and I always imagine lots of red patterns everywhere and warm atmosphere, this is probably the reason why I added Red Wine Box as an idea for a gift. Trust me, great wine could be a good idea for a table, I strongly believe, that it makes Christmas atmosphere even more noticeable. Definitely I added gloves. No one loves to get cold and why can't we feel warm fashionably? Merola gloves are extremely fashionable and follow latest trends. They bring a good quality classics, but it doesn't mean you can't combine them with modern-casual attire. In fact, try it, you will definitely find a perfect combination.
In the black box you can notice a lighter. This is probably the first time I saw Karl Lagerfeld's designed lighter, so I was very surprised, but I find it a great gift idea for a man who smokes. As you know, we have to take care not only of basic items in our look, but in the details as well. In fact, details are much more important. People actually judge your look from the shoes, watch, cufflinks (if you wear them) and other details of the look. If you smoke and you are a wealthy man, you may consider to buy expensive, but a good quality and design lighter.
Zara's snood. Snoods actually became fashionable not a long time ago, but I am really glad they did. Snoods are usually items which could be used in both classical and modern looks which makes them a great investment. When I look for scarfs or snoods I usually go to Zara. Why? Because they have some really interesting choices all the time, as well as this one in the gift guide.
Last, but not least - socks. For some of you it may seem ridiculous or funny to find simple Christmas socks next to other items stated in this guide, but they are one of the most important ones here. As I mentioned before Christmas is very warm celebration for me, I can't imagine it without wearing a nice knitted sweater or warm stylish socks. I found these in Topman and I am really glad they did. They look extremely sweet and soft. Worth your attention for sure.
So, this is my Christmas Gift Guide for you dear readers. I hope, that you have found something interesting for yourself. Remember Christmas is a time of the year, when we want others to be happy. Don't think about how much do you spend on the gift, think about how happy will the person be when he sees it. Stay tuned for more upcoming Christmas and New Year inspired posts.

christmas gift guide

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