Friday, September 28, 2012

Infected Mannequins

Good evening my dear readers!
Guess what? Annual Fashion Infection is on its way. Probably you read about it in few of my earlier posts or clicked that skull banner on the right side. Fashion Infection is an annual fashion weekend here in my country, it is always very original and designers present remarkable collections. Usually it is hosted twice a year, in autumn and spring and is really worth coming.
There is still quite a time till it actually starts, but some projects are already being presented, like mannequin installation in one of the local shopping malls. Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė who is styling mannequins, has previously worked in shops like Burberry or Prada and definitely knows how to make art. Installation is all about how can you get out from grey mass of people on the streets and look stylish and bright. Furthermore, mannequins are dressed with the clothes from shops in this mall, so if you see an interesting combination you can always go and buy pieces. 
I believe, that they look really great. Items are trendy and can be worn for various occasions. When people see a similar installation, they often realize, that in order to look great for autumn you don't have to look grey or black all the time, sometimes color can be your best friend. Of course, you should alway know what are the barriers and stylish color combinations. Remember, it's all about chic and elegance, not trashiness and lack of style. 

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