Sunday, September 2, 2012

College Look

Hello my dear readers! Yes...autumn is already here. Lots of rainy and quite cold days are still ahead, also it's finally time to get back to college. How should stylish student look and is there any dress code?
There are many ways of how can you look on particular occasion. I think, that when you wear something, you carry particular information about yourself or story of why do you look like this. This is a good tip even for university student. I mean, if you are a student don't be afraid to carry studies theme in your outfit. Good example for that could be a college jacket! I extremely recommend getting one for yourself, many designers offer good choices of them and they are a good solution for making great college look.
If you are a fan of rather elegant look than sport, I suggest getting classics. Oxford shoes, clear cut pants, shirt or delicate t-shirt and even bow tie could be a remarkable combination. There is one tip, which I can not forget. Please, review all autumn 2012 collections, maybe you will find your perfect backpack. Yes, I really mean backpack. They became enormously trendy this season! And believe me, sometimes you have lots of things to carry.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I would like to talk about dress codes a little bit. Sometimes you really have to think, if you won't look ridiculous in particular situation. There are few things which you MAY NOT wear in college or university. Sparkles are definitely on top of this list. Yes, I agree, that sparkled details could be a good accent in your evening outfit, but at day time, especially when you are at work or in the University they look really worthless. Some people may think, that you have a bad taste. Even if there is an event in your University and you want to look stylish and elegant, try wearing traditional English blazer. Also I suggest being really careful with shoes. Pattern, form, cut, size are important.
I really hope, that this article has helped you a little bit. Remember, be fashionable no matter where you go.


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