Friday, August 17, 2012

ZARA fall campaign | definition of fearless

Even though we all enjoy our summer holidays, fall gets back. Soon we will have to pull our warm clothes out of the wardrobe and get some new from the latest collections. Today I'm presenting you ZARA's fall 2012 campaign. ZARA is probably one of the brands I often get back to in both blogging and personal style because of the quality and great ideas.
Why definition of fearless? Campaign really gives the idea of strictness and tough energy. Black & white photography and last century glamour carried on with jackets, sweaters and ties. No avant-garde patterns for fall according to ZARA, it is time to get ready for work after summer. I definitely suggest getting the blazer together with back sweater or shirt as shown on one of the photos. It could be a perfect combination for evening go out, but you should rather avoid it for work or middle day as it could get too sad. If you want to make similar attire for the day, try getting warmer colors sweater. Of course, we can't imagine falls season without jackets, especially middle Europe. Brand suggests getting simple, casual, leather jacket. Quite a good suggestion, especially for work day or business meetings. If you think, that maybe you would look to strict in it and you would rather want to play a game with your style, or maybe you are having some cultural event to attend, I would suggest playing with colors rather than patterns in this case.
Get yourself ready for some seasonal shopping and get back soon, because some campaign reviews and many more is coming ahead!

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  1. hey i just nominated you for the liebster blog award! well done! xx