Thursday, August 30, 2012

Introducing guest blogger | Christina

Good morning dear readers! Today I'm starting my new project, I would like to introduce you with lovely bloggers I find. Today my first guest is Christina from . Have you ever wondered how bloggers see fashion industry and evaluate it? Now you got a chance to hear about it from Christina. :)

Like any art form, Fashion evolves rapidly with new technologies, influences and trends. It even brings about older trends, for current designers to adapt and work their magic. The world of fashion is highly creative, and the possibilities are limited only by the human imagination. From a designers perspective i see it as an art discipline that I can fully channel my creativity through. It’s something that we all share, even if you ridicule the industry itself it’s almost certain you still have your preferences when shopping for new threads.
It shouldn’t have to be about following the latest trends, though. They’re only there to guide you and recommend new styles, or emulate them because you genuinely like the look. But ultimately it’s about developing your own unique style, either casting aside trends or adapting the current ones to suit you.
With no intention of mockery of the industry itself, I do find that the industry is made out to be more pretentious than it actually is. In some, or actually a lot of ways it pressures you to dress a certain way to fit into society. The social media elitists seem to forget that fashion is about displaying your own sense of dress and injects ideas to the public about how we “should” look. Luckily though I do think the industry is starting to become more open minded and accepting, which is evident in street style reviews from prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire. It shows the reality of how the public like to dress, with each individual showing something unique every time. This is what fashion really should be about.


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  2. very interesting project, super idea!

  3. Such a fab, indepth review of the fashion world and it's evolution in current society.

    :) Well done Christina.