Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bags guide - autumn 2012

Studies, work, traveling. No matter what is our lifestyle or our plans we always need bag or backpack to store different items. In years it became the part of our look. Today I'm presenting you few of my favorites for this years autumn. First of all, work season is starting, which means, we will need bigger bags to carry different documents, books and other stuff.
Leather plays a quite a big role in seasons clothing, which makes it even more important in accessories. If you want to have a lot of storage and look stylish with leather bag, I really recommend looking at Burberry and Louis Vuitton, but if storage doesn't play a big role for you or maybe you would like a really casual look Hermes could be an option.
One of the very original items in this years designer collections probably would be Calvin Klein's snake skins backpack. You can try to match it with various styles. Backpack stays independent to its style or form. I really enjoy Burberry's multi color, striped bag. Perfect colors for autumn. I also have good news for grid lovers! They are coming back. If you are a fan of classical English style, gridded bag is a perfect option for you.



  1. amazing! I love burberry and the accessories are just wonderful!

    love ur blog, following u bro!