Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aux Champs Elysées...

Good morning my dear readers! I'm finally back from my trip to France and Belgium and have soooo much to tell you about. 
Probably I wil start with Belgium. Belgium is a very cute country and it really amazed me with the amount of sandwich bars I saw while walking on the streets. If you are going to Brussels then be ready for a shopping, a lot of great shops are there and if you think, that there are less fashionable people than in Paris or Milan, then think again :). I extremely enjoyed shopping gallery at the centre of Brussels old town, it is full of elegant cafes and shops. After the shops marathon you can always visit few chocolate shops, where you will not only be treated nicely, but also you will get to try some candies or maybe you'll even by some for your breakfast coffee. 
Visiting France was the next amazing experience, because I love this country and their language a lot. First few days I was visiting smaller towns. At first I thought, that it will be boring, but it turned out to be amazing! Even in the smallest towns people try to look after themselves, follow latest trends, besides, they are very polite and friendly. On the second day of staying in France I got a chance to hear how French people sing and I felt butterflies in my stomach. And houses.... houses in France are gorgeous! 
Of course I want to tell you a lot about Paris. It perfectly carries its name as one of the worlds fashion capitals. As soon as we arrived I saw beautiful apartment houses, it made me feel as if every house there has a perfect view. And the amount of shops there, I mean, this is crazy. Thousands of shops all around the city and amazing views from Champs Elysees. I got a chance to see building where Chanel usually holds their fashion shows. Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre and Eiffel tower made me speechless. 
I definitely need one more trip to France. Its culture, cuisine, art, fashion, people, places are so amazing, that it needs countless trips there to see everything. If you are planning your vacation, I recommend choosing France or Belgium.



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