Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer shopping spree

Hello my dear readers! I am finally continuing my summer shopping spree. It is so nice to refresh your wardrobe with some new stuff. This time I decided to stop over United Colors Of Benetton and I'm extremely happy I did it! I bought few lovely pieces there.
Few of my friends will probably kill me when they know that I bought some blue clothes again, haha. So, I got a Sisley sky blue polo shirt which is very delicate to wear and is a perfect investment, because you can easily mix different outfits with it. I also decided to buy striped dark blue shorts which perfectly match the polo and they are very light, often it becomes essential to wear something light at the hot summer day. Third item, which got into my wardrobe, is dark blue sweater with filled green sleeves. This sweater makes a very positive impression. It will be quite a task to match it in the outfit, but it's worth it.
I am terribly sorry, but I didn't manage yet to do a look post with this clothes, but I'm giving you few images for a preview, enjoy!

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