Monday, July 16, 2012

Color palette | 3

Good morning dear dandies and fashionistas! I couldn't hold myself from posting another color review, but this time it's a bit different, it's not really a color. I thought about finally doing a print article! All of us can definitely say, that prints rule this seasons catwalk and even next years s/s season. Numerous designers have presented their ideas on how to wear those aggressive or sometimes mysterious prints in your outfits this spring and summer. Some are already putting them on the clothing rack for next year like mega successful and extremely original Givenchy collection having a religious, but at the same time avant grade meaning. So, how to wear those prints? 
We all want to look stylish, but sometimes we are afraid, that our outfit looks too less or too much. To stay self confident remember the rule- a lot of prints in the same outfit can also look stylish. However, you should remember to keep contrasts, one of the prints should be bigger and second should be smaller. 
One of the prints, that got a special attention from people is animal print. Remember those metal rock t-shirts that usually have very dynamic print and represent animal? They are in fashion. I definitely suggest using religious meaning. We were already wearing crosses once, now designers suggest to get a story shown on your shirt. Basically there isn't any particular way of wearing religious print on your shirt so you will have to experiment, but as I mentioned before Givenchy s/s 2013 collection carries the idea and quite well actually. 
Of course, if you want to make one particular print pop up in your outfit you can always come back to classics of print design. I mean Alexander McQueen. McQueen's skull used on your t-shirt or any accessory can be a perfect choice to add little aggressiveness to your look. 
Every time fashion returns to prints oriental motives do as well. I believe, that everyone of us has seen at least one paisley printed, other known as persian pickle, item in the shop. If you are looking for some east culture spirit don't just finish your search on this motive try looking for other prints as well. Result can even amaze you.



  1. Looks so great! I adore that boohoo tee! Amazing, amazing post!