Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moltissimo Sicily- traditions and village

Spring/ summer 2013 season will become the second season as I am completely in love with Dolce & Gabbana's summer looks for men! One of the facts I really enjoy in their collections and what probably makes a big impression for me is that they are always happy to refer to their family routes. Sicily, where the Domenico Dolce is from, is an inspiration for a lot of people. This is the region which shows unique temper. Collection Moltissimo Sicily is an improvisation of bringing attitude from the streets to the clothes. And did you know that most of the men on the catwalk are not even models, but people from Sicily? I mean, this is certainly a great solution to bring the culture together with the people, they complete the atmosphere.
If we continue to the clothes, designers suggest combining dark grey bottoms with prints or horizontal stripes at the top. Filled, dark grey shorts or trousers are a good practical solution, cause you will look good in both spring and summer, but you still have to be careful by styling the look. Despite rather office look of the color, cut and pattern make it look easy. That's why I rather suggest choosing sandals than shoes, but if you still did choose the shoes, please, don't wear socks. As you can notice from models, collection doesn't have specific age barriers and you can mix it in different ways, which makes collection practical. I extremely suggest buying striped shirt, because it can work out for you in both. If you choose blue striped you get a marine look, which is gorgeous for any beach go outs or swimming on yacht, where as if you choose brown or sandal striped you get a summer look of urban citizen.
Sicily is worth bringing to your heart. And what is the better way to make it stay there than improvising?

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