Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color palette | 2

Getting back to the color palette! Last time I introduced you some tips on using shades of blue, well, know it is time for yellow! Yellow always reminds me palms, beach, sunny summer day, probably this is why I always relate it to L.A., but even if you live in any other place on the world you can still wear it, haha. Nice combination of yellow can always add you confidence and make your eyes look brighter.
Shades of yellow became extremely popular this summers season. Banana yellow, citrus, corn, fluorescent, gold. Any shade is possible to use, just have to pick the right occasion and outfit. I have picked five items from this years collections, which I absolutely love. Shorts are perfect length to enjoy both: sunbathing on the beach and walking down the street. Whereas Alexander McQueen's blazer is a perfect piece for an evening go out! Shoes I added won't be the best choice for evening, but they will look really stylish and comfortable during the day, or even at work (of course if you don't work in a bank or government). Zara's sweater is very calm, which makes it great for work or a day time cocktail. Belt, which looks similar to the one I showed you, would be a great investment, it suits every time of the day and it looks really fashionable, doesn't it?
Find your yellow piece of clothing, won't be disappointed, promise you. You know, nothing feels better than bringing beach in to the city!



  1. Yellow screams summer, and I love it in small doses.

    So damn glad I found your blog, you've got yourself a new fan!

  2. Diana agree, this blazer is one of my favorites. :)
    thanks for Clara and Her! :)

  3. Loving the blazer - I like this kind of style - very classic

  4. Love the shoes... have them!!