Monday, June 18, 2012


While we enjoy our cocktails and fresh fruit juices somewhere on the beach or near the pool during the sunny summer day, designers work hard and present ideas about what we could wear next year. Today I would like to speak about Topman's next years S/S 2013 collection. What will be fashionable according to world's famous retailing brand? 
There are three main parts on which focuses Topman- prints, colors and skateboards. Well, colors are rather very important detail for the season, because we are speaking about the spring and summer. Season, when we all want to look extremely colorful because of the sun. Colors will suite you great for different occasions, but you should always think about the shade. Remember, different occasions- different shades. I would suggest rather avoiding bright colors for the business meeting, or choosing rather darker shade of the color.
If we move on to the prints, this tendency became extremely popular this season. A lot of people ran to the shops for a palm printed shirt. Topman thought about extending this idea for the next season as well, why not? Althought there are some changes. This season we are rather choosing very sharp prints of the item, correct and direct. Next seasons choice- blurred motives, which would even remind mixed work of avant-gardists and impressionist. As you see from the photos, designers suggest separating items apart. Only one printed piece of clothing and some basic items with it. Making a multi print outfit should be done extremely carefully as you often can make a huge mistake. If you are in love with prints and want to make a multi print look then follow the tip shown on one of the pics below. You can see an outfit with chaotic grey and blue shaded dots (interesting print idea, definitely suggest it) and it consists of dotted blazer and shorts, why it isn't a mistake and we see all the details perfectly? Shorts and blazer go here as one piece, white basic shirt at the centre of the outfit separates those pieces and we get a clear story. If the shirt would also be printed, outfit would lose.
Now I finally got to the skateboards part. Actually, as you definitely see from the streets, skaters come back to our life. Of course it is a remarkable symbol of young and sporty people. Carrying it with you, like Topman suggests, or riding it wearing a nice dotted shirt can make you feel as if you are part of street art, culture. Can make you a part of the game.
Enjoy the pics and choose your print for 2012/2013 seasons. Why? It will renew your look. 



  1. great collection!

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  2. wow nice collection!

  3. wow...great collection! love so much the prints!!!

  4. I appreciate all of your opinion! thanks a lot ! :)

  5. If you look closely at our new urban art collection you'll see elements of design made popular by street art.