Saturday, June 2, 2012

Olympics & Fashion collaboration

London Olympics have really enrolled us in its atmosphere. Rush, competition, culture, health, everything that makes people believe in their athletes. Everything that makes us wanna cheer and be happy. I'm really excited to present you today the incredible photo shoot, which has been done in collaboration between Karlie Kloss and America's top male athletes for American Vogue.
Article, which explains the stories of different athletes. You get to know deeply stories of those, who have dedicated all their life to one particular goal they wanted to achieve. Stories definitely keep you interested till the end, you start to believe how many effort does it take to achieve life time intention. Article is out in the magazine in Junes edition so for sure you should buy the magazine and read it :).
If we go to the photo shoot, as I said before, it was a great idea to capture fashionable spark in sports and also sustain athletes in London Olympics. As I see it, Annie Leibovitz captured the spark between Karlie and sportsmen for sure. Dynamic is seen in every single shot, different sports and different looks. Despite the fact, that model is in dress and athletes in sports clothing, their outfits work together. We can't say that someones look has less energy and has a back role. 
Even if we look from merchandising side on this shoot, who wouldn't want to buy sports clothing if he would also stand near the Karlie? As well as which woman wouldn't want to be that cleopatra near the athletes?
Enjoy the shoot! 
P.S. backstage video is also there

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  1. Fabulous Feature... congrats on making it to the "Links a la mode" weekly round up...


  2. I love Karlie, I need to go out and buy this issue!

  3. this shoot is amazing! I always love Karlie Kloss, she's a great model :)