Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fashion in sports | concept of Slounge

London Olympics is not the last topic involving sports you hear from me, haha! I really got into this theme, it is really nice, that different sportswear brands are working on providing comfort and fashion in one piece of clothing. 
Today I'm presenting you Freddy. Sportswear brand providing great solutions for above stated reasons.   Who told you, that going to the gym or having a nice barbecue weekend can't be stylish? Of course it can and it is! Fashion is about giving solutions on what to wear for different occasions, which also involve relaxing at weekends or getting sweaty at the gym. Freddy can definitely be your guide in succeeding at this type of activities. 
At the moment brand is working on Slounge concept which means mix of sport and loungewear. As you see from the pictures, base colors in the style are kept simple and calm representing loungewear. However, you can notice popping bright details which are the perfect stand-by for dynamic necessary for reaching your goal in any sports you are being involved in, whether you are athlete with tons of golden medals, or just you are dreaming about becoming one. 
One of the greatest parts about this branch in fashion is that you don't have to be so strict when picking the sportswear outfit as if you would choosing a formal wear. It has to stay eclectic and free. Especially if you collect pieces for your outfit in one particular brand you will usually get the look you are trying to achieve perfectly. Don't forget about the aim of your look, you should always think, whether you capture the movement moment or not. How you can do that? You should focus on the lines, sports as well as lounge wear usually contain zippers which are really noticeable and it becomes the base line of the outfit stretching your figure and giving the first sign of any movement happening in your look. Coming back to this photo shoot I enjoy the idea represented on one of the hoodies shown on the 6-7 pictures. Zipper is slightly falling to the side. It becomes a good balance for simple bottom, outfit doesn't lose its temper. 
Remember, fashion is not a synonym only for fancy go out, it is your everyday routine, so get stylish with Slounge concept by Freddy. Who knows, maybe you are our next big athlete.


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