Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amsterdam gone couture | Scotch & Soda

Amsterdam became one of my favorite destinations for different aspects. It's very modern, but at the same time classical European city which is rapidly growing to achieve fashion city title. I'm really happy to present you Amsterdam based fashion brand- Scotch & Soda. Numerous work is done everyday by the designers of Scotch & Soda in order to achieve the best result possible- style and quality for perfect price.
Their goal is to suit every individual and they are doing quite good. They offer good ideas for everyday look at the city, but at the same time they have perfect combinations for beach go out, like pastel bag together with nice flip-flops and slim fit chinos. I have always thought, that designers should somehow represent their countries in their designs. Good example for that could be Burberry. Scotch & Soda does the perfect work towards that as well, which makes people wanna believe in their work.
I have picked few items from Number Eight designed by Scotch & Soda. My pick consists of: double layer short sleeve V-neck, chino and elegant fragrance.
I would like to start with V-neck. As I said before it can be a great pick for the usual day in the city. Double layer shirts are always very masculine and this V-neck shirt has a great cut which makes it tight fit, but at the same time comfortable.
If we talk about Chino, it has a nice filled blue color which can be great for summer days as well as early autumn. Chino isn't extremely demanding so it can go together well with most of the items.
Going further, why have I picked the fragrance as a good purchase? It doesn't matter if we speak about women or men, fragrance represents your character. Barfly Eau De Toilette is the first Scotch & Soda fragrance and it is a good option. Citrus-herb, lavender, jasmine, sandal- cedar wood and Madagascar Vanilla make your day calm, but elegant and enjoyable.
Links for this three items and also places to read and maybe purchase Scotch & Soda clothes can be found at the bottom of the article.


V-neck shirt


Barfly Eau De Toilette

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