Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wallets as your identity

You can know a lot about the person from his wallet. This small accessory represents our character, makes the storing of our money or cards convenient and easy. It doesn't even have to be black or brown you can keep it every color you like, as long as it stays stylish and completes you. At the moment I have Strellson wallet and I really love it, but I also found some gracious ones which I would like to show for you :).
First of all, there is plenty of charming wallets on MR PORTER, you can find a lot of colors there and designs are interesting. For example, Marc By Marc Jacobs or Burberry wallets make an impression of self-made and fashionable man.
As we go further, I really love Paul Smith wallets. I found some on the Jules B website. Ever fought about upgrading banal black or brown wallet? Look through the Paul Smith designs with an enthrall idea inside it. 
I'm adding some links from the websites I mentioned before. Next time while buying the wallet think carefully before considering, as I said, they really are your identity.


  1. Its so true that wallets are your identity.
    From quirky to sophisticated, they reflect moods, personalities , traits.
    So good you brought this topic out!

  2. Nice wallets!

  3. I agree with both of you :)