Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer breeze

Yes, as you see, summer is finally here! We can finally get ourselves a cup of cold coffee or smoothie and go for a walk in the local park. It still gets little cold in the mornings or at night though, so we are in desperate need of something warm for that period of time and jacket is a perfect answer. Not all the people are keen on wearing it. I would like to prove you, that wearing a spring jacket can be stylish as well!
Personally, this season I'm wearing ZARA jacket, but I also found a brand whose jacket I would love to have in my wardrobe. I'm presenting you- Stone Island. There are few main points why I picked this brand. Maybe you'll be also interested.
Firstly, they are a perfect combination of style and comfort. Spring/Summer 2012 jackets represent this seasons ideas involving colors and simpleness, but at the same time they are a great pick for rural surroundings as it is comfortable in adventurous situations. I hope you'll agree with me, that it doesn't matter what you do: go to work in the city centre, climb up the mountains or just take a walk in the village, fashion should dominate as it helps you to feel free and confident in yourself.
Secondly, I like the fabrics which Stone Island use. Spring jackets stay light, but at the same time trustable. You can "rely" on the jacket. It may sound weird, but sometimes there has to be a connection between you and the item in order to have that particular spark in your eyes.
I have stated main points why this jackets can be truly considered as a good purchase for your wardrobe, so in case you want some more information on the topic I'm adding few links of this company. :)!/stone_islanduk

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