Friday, May 18, 2012


Swimming pool party, beach go out, picnic in the park, random day or even exclusive evening. We can't separate locations if whether you will look stylish there or not, it's whether you have a sense of style and place where to shop or not.
I really suggest visiting REISS, because their SS2012 collection offers interesting items, which I would really buy for myself, cause it's something I would wear.
Items in the season collection vary from
classics to bright ones. Stylists offer nice idea of mixing urban citizen outfit details with something you would wear on the day off. This is a great choice for those, who aren't yet sure with what his style will be during the season, as with some changes you could wear outfit to the different places. For example, if you wear, let's say, blue pants and moccasins in the city, you can quickly roll them up, put on same color shirt or any other and you will be ready for a walk on the shore. Going throughout the clothes on the website I have also found nice exotic print type shorts. (this print is especially popular this season for both men and women) Shorts are really incredible, cause they are perfect size for the beach and the material is good.
REISS is a great finding for women as well. Different trends combined in the collection makes it easy to find something you would wear. Colors which dominate in the collection are pastel. You will also find some unusual poolside outfit solutions, which can bring a spark in the eyes.
Hopefully, you will find something interesting there as well. Summer is for cocktails, good weather and holidays, make sure you make it stylish. For the end, I would like to add two videos which show behind the scenes of photoshoot: menswear, womenswear. Enjoy!

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