Friday, May 25, 2012

Kyle Anderson- born for fashion

As you know, fashion industry involves a lot of serious work. Tons of decisions are made everyday in order to develop the best result and I have always been fascinated by the work of those people who stay behind the fashion curtain. Editors, directors, photographers, stylists- people, without whom our fashion would be dull. I am really happy to present for you my interview with Kyle Anderson- fashion editor/stylist, accessories director at Marie Claire, senior accessories director for ELLE (US). 

1.What is Your biggest fashion inspiration?
-I'm inspired a lot by street style. It's not one individual person, but just a mixture of things I see when traveling or around NYC.

2.How would You sum up Your style in one sentence?
-I like black leather sexy pieces and a bit of rock n' roll style.

3.What are Your plans for the nearest future?
-I will go to Paris for the couture shows in July. It will be my first time at Couture so I'm really excited.

4.What is Your favorite trend for this years spring/summer season?
-I like all of the bejeweled accessories, bags and shoes from Prada and the Birds of paradise print from Givenchy for SS12.

5.Is there any clothing item, which is really important to You and is in Your closet for a really long time?
-My Rolex watch. I got it a few years ago and I wear it everyday. 


  1. puikus skonis! Aiški stileivos etiketė ant kaktos, tačiau su išradingumu nepersistengia ir niekad neperspaudžia!

  2. wow love the style... awesome. The beige sweater is my fav

  3. his style is great. thanks for introducing him here.


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