Friday, May 4, 2012

Classic never fades

       Spring and summer have always been the most fashionable seasons for me, maybe it's because of the people mood that makes them shine on the street? I would leave that thought for you dear readers, for now I would like to focus on fashion.
I always like to have at least one item in my wardrobe which would make it pop on the street and one of the best items of clothing for that is a polo shirt. I have always been intrigued by them, polos make your outfit chic, but at the same time keep it simple. They are great for different occasions, you can use them to make casual combination, for sports, or if you add a jacket to them it would make a perfect attire for midday get away.
If we talk about colors, it would be hard to pick only one combination that will win, because, as you know, this season is especially variated in colors. Perhaps, the only tip that I would be able to give for you for the color criteria is - try to combine shirts color with one of your details, it would join different parts of the outfit together and also help for the other people to see some accessories you wear.

I'm also adding few links for the websites, when you can find classics of the polo - Ralph Lauren

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