Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camping season officially opened

Many of us have at least once thought about going camping for a weekend and I can definitely agree, that it can be hard to make fashionable outfit for campsite. Why should you make one? Campsite, no one is judging you for the way you look. Actually, people always watch as you look, and if you still have to wear something, why not to stay stylish then?
I have found one Swedish designer, for whose country camping is very important so you can definitely trust his products- Fjäll Räven (arctic fox). I went throw his rucksacks and they really look nice, I have seen some of the similar designs on some of fashionistas on the street. As I see it, when there is a combination of style and comfort, then what could be better?
Of course, if we talk about big rucksack then it is not always about camping, they could be a perfect accessory for every day as well. If you wear them for the day it could even make the outfit more original, they can be good for both pastel and earth colors, as well as bright and fruit. But you should focus on one very important point. Matching rucksack with bright outfit demands a lot of effort, there is no between, look will be either great or bad, so think carefully before deciding, think about every detail that could rip them up together.

Good luck on your way to the stylish comfort. Adding you some links of Fjäll Räven:

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