Saturday, March 10, 2012

Men spring 2012

  Hello my dear readers, although there is still snow on the streets (at least in my county), spring has already started! Shops are being gently filled with new items for the season, sales are ending. It is a great time to plan your spring wardrobe. So I was thinking, what I would like to have in my wardrobe this season, what are the popular trends for men this season? I will state for you some of my ideas.
   First of all, you don't have to be afraid of bright colors, its spring people, we have to look positive! :) So I would definitely suggest buying some bright clothes for your closet, maybe for an early spring when it is still quite cold, try wearing some small bright details with calm colors like grey, brown etc. But when there will be enough sun, and it will be warm you can start wearing colorful and popping jacket, or pants, or maybe t-shirt.

   As we go further, there is one trend which actually was also popular last season and stays important this as well. This are ornaments. Some people don't like wearing colorful clothes as they think they won't be successful at matching this type of outfit or just they would be too noticeable on the streets. Tip for people who think the same as I said- wear pastel colors. If you would take blanked lilac or blank citrus and match it with great ornament pattern you would get great outfit for the day, maybe some kind of a lunch break or work or just hang out with friends. Outfits which are at the top are great for the both day and evening events, but if you would like to make an outfit for the evening from blanked colors, then try buying ornamental jacket.


  1. You gotta have gots and lots of style to use dsquare but it totally worth it!! I think if i see a streight guy wearing this on his way to talk to me ill fade before he even say hi sooo hot!!!!!!!

  2. Well, we, I men all men, want to look hot when it comes to women ;D

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