Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hans Schwarz - fashion addicted

   Second day of fashion weekend has ended, it was amazing, I saw a lot of good collections. Some of the designers are just starting their career and it was great to see how many effort they have put in to their collections, clothes became a piece of art.
   One of the designers who presented his collection yesterday on the second day was Hans Schwarz from Estonia. Collection has started with a quote which I completely adore and agree with.
"Men are infected by fashion and they know it, can they be cured? Do they want to be cured?!"
To represent this quote and the collection models were walking as if they were zombies or extremely scared of everything, psychedelic people. There were some items which I even would like to have in my wardrobe. Though, for now, I'm uploading few photos of this collection, for you to valuate it
Do YOU want to be cured?  :).

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