Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We are developing!

Good news!
Time goes by and now, when I got a lot of experience from writing this fashion project called f.affiche, I decided to start a new concept InLoafers! I have been working on the layout of this blog and the whole concept of what will be posted there and now when there are already few posts out there I am giving you, my dear readers, a link.

InLoafers is written with a motto: Lifestyle website for a gentleman. These are the words, which represent the idea of my new blog. I will be writing articles related to different topics such as: fashion, celebrities, social life across the world, etc. However, this blog will be shut down in a while and I would really love to see you all, my dear readers, on this new page. So that it would be easier, on the bottom of the InLoafers blog there is a link to follow me on bloglovin or via e-mail.

Hope to see you all there soon!! As for now, some news, already tomorrow you will find a new article on the InLoafers blog considering vintage athletic look.

Link: http://inloafers.wordpress.com

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Saint Laurent continues the story of a statement in their designs for Autumn 2014. All of the looks scream rock chic. You can get an idea that this look is made for a rebelling rockstar with an elegancy twist. If you choose Saint Laurent for autumn 2014, it means, that you have enough power to look rough and making a statement is your middle name.
Collection presentation was accompanied by a newly discovered band. Great music, great clothes, what else could you look for? Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

GG | The Story of Roaring 2013/14

Today I decided to dedicate my post to one of the greatest movies of 2013 The Great Gatsby. Once again we were all reminded of this amazing story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Roaring twenties, also known as Jazz Age, is an inspiration for those, who love elegancy and standing out from the crowd. Before you proceed reading old sport, make sure you turn on Louis Armstrong on your player. 
The Great Gatsby movie became an inspiration for fashion world. Many designers presented their personal view of how should the modern Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan look. In order to be a man of the story you should follow 5 simple rules: 
1.Dapper Dan haircut is an option for you. We are sick and tired of these simple haircuts from streets, improvise, experiment. Jazz Age was not about being a part of society it was about breaking rules of the society, this haircut will make you look both: expensive and different. 
2.Casual three-piece. 1920's made its way for the three part suits. It does give more style combination options, you can try different patterns, colours or approaches in order to come out with your personal piece.
3.Round framed glasses. This model of sunglasses was popular last season and it continues to be on the top of the trend this year as well. Round framed glasses will benefit your outfit with a slight accent, but remember that these frames still have different size, so make sure you choose the one, which best fits your shape. 
4.Colourful suspenders. Suspenders are a good option for those who are trying to pull their way out of being a shadow to becoming an icon, but are afraid of huge attention. Suspenders are noticeable only after you are without a top part of the suit, which means that you are left with a smart accent beneath.
5.The pocket watch. Good news for those who are bored with wearing simple watch on their wrist, now you can bring even more chic into your outfit having a pocket watch. Even though lots of pocket watches are still being made globally I definitely suggest taking a look into your local vintage boutiques as you might find a model, which does not only look good, but also tells a century old story.
That is it old sport. Roaring twenties can be a part of your wardrobe, only thing you have to do is buy these items from the list and download some jazz classics to your player. 

 “Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” 
-F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is hidden behind the words?

Fashion is not only about following trends and matching items in one of outfit, fashion is also an art of bringing certain story, idea to the public. Every outfit can have lots of stories considering models development, creation and when was it worn.
Today I would like to tell you about trendy sweaters and tees, which do not only look really well, but also tell a certain story. I would like to start with the ones I found on Divine Trash website. The first one would be a model by Realm & Empire called Holdfast Sweater. As you can notice, on the front there are words saying Holdfast, so what does it actually mean? Holdfast is a traditional term tattooed onto the knuckles of sailors to bring them good luck at sea. Does it make wearing this sweater any different? Yes it does, you become a role player of a certain story. Next model also found on the same website and made by previously mentioned designer is a very clever t-shirt relating to First World War. It says: The wolf is at the door, don't waste bread. What makes this model very original and nostalgic is a meaning and usage of these words. They were first mentioned on posters displayed at that time encouraging people not to waste food. This is personally my favourite model, which makes me related to the story at some point. The last design also created by Realm & Empire is called: V for victory. It represents a photographic image of Churchill acknowledging the roaring crowds and an iconic v shaped symbol. It appeals to the phenomenal british history and the most admirable aspects of britishness.
The reason I wanted to give you an insight to this topic is to remind, that sometimes the meaning behind the words is hidden and when we just go pass throw at the shop and do not take this into consideration we miss lots of amazing designs and clever ideas. I would really advise you to think about what you wear and you will look better.

Links to the pages: 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Abarcas - source for modern inspiration

Abarcas are certain shoes, which are traditionally worn by men and women in Spain. Most of them are made of leather and represent this magnificent country.
On my trip to Spain I saw this model very often while glancing throw the local store windows, (It becomes especially fascinating when you walk throw the narrow streets in a small country and suddenly you find a small and very beautiful shoe store ran by friendly and kind Spanish woman) when I got interested in what they particularly represent I started to notice people around town wearing them, everyone seemed to like them. Who does not want stylish piece of Spanish culture and deep traditions as a part of their look?
Their shape and form make you feel inspired by the country, you can easily imagine yourself walking throw the streets of Girona or drinking a cup of cortado in Barcelona. However, they are still not very popular in Europe, while the model is very adaptable and can easily fit needs of different styles considering both formal and more casual. They are all about variation, it is a professional game of shapes and colors. You can easily style them with bermudas, shirt and summer bowtie but at the same time you are free to wear long summer pants with a shirt and be on your way for a walk around the Monte Carlo.
As you can see, these are the shoes, which deserve your attention. We are all getting bored with the usual item combinations, which we see on the streets. We need an original sparkle, something, which enhances our outfits, retells a different story. This is an item of your wardrobe that would make you stand out from the crowd.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From head to toe with Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2014

Lights are out, collections are shown, opinion has been made. Collections are over and now it is a good time for all of us to get an insight of what will be everyone of us personal style for the season 2014. Will it be extravaganza or complete elegancy? Will it be provocateur or ready to wear?
The collection which will definitely be dominative in my style for the next years season is Louis Vuitton. I found there everything I was looking for, they have luxury, elegance, provocateur and experience in life. Collection is sophisticated and items can easily be mixed between the outfits as well as items from other designers. Enjoy the video from Louis Vuitton and perhaps you will also get interested in it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mode ou pas de chance?

Dear readers,
Today I continue with few more reviews of the latest menswear collections coming out on runway. My latest choice is Saint Laurent and Thom Browne.
Menswear fashion designers always spend a considerable amount of time on identifying who is their real customer for the season as well as bring a certain cohesive thought for the masses. Saint Laurent and Thom Browne are the fashion houses which particularly disappointed me bringing out the combinations which are rather vulgar. Mode ou pas de chance?
If we speak particularly about Saint Laurent, I truly believe that they lost their true customer. This fashion house was always about luxurious, elegant and chic outfits. They always try to bring some extravaganza out but at the same time know how to present strong and meaningful message. However, spring 2014 collection is lost in color. There is no dominance, which makes outfits look really cheap and second handed. At the same time, most outfits scream - feminine. Starting with womenswear clothing shapes and going forward to the leopard top jacket, only few pieces can be considered as menswear, which makes it quite sad. Is the Saint Laurent fashion house lost from its true trends?
Thom Browne's collection for the season is the one, which from the head to toe screams vulgar. First of all, red lipstick was definitely unnecessary as the collection already has a very noticeable red color in the outfits and lipstick makes it look clownish. Bottoms, which are all of different length, make this part of an outfit unwearable in the environment. If you look at some tops, they have a focusing point at the bottom of them, which makes the whole outfit collapse.
Below you can find some photos from the collections, which are brought to you from useful style.com website.