Friday, January 30, 2015

Dark Magic Couture | Paris Fall'15

While Paris Fashion Week is still on its run, I am giving you a view on three collections in particular: Hermes, Lanvin and Dries Van Noten. Dark magic? Definitely, designers presented a series of outfits particularly in dark shades which is absolutely natural as we are speaking about fall'15 season, but this few collections are astonishingly deep as I would say. 
Hermes took what they know best- leather, and used it as a navigating point. I am highly fascinated by the leather cardigan on the first image which brings me to 1940's cuts. However, due to the print detail on the chest line, this model becomes a contemporary interpretation of classics. This item is a bit screaming because of its pattern and shape, therefore I would definitely recommend styling it with simplicity and dark colours. Another outfit reinforces very trendy item- roll neck. Yes, it will remain popular throughout the fall'15 season as well, whereas this colour makes it easy to combine it with different stories. Again, as we are speaking about Hermes, I want to pay a bit attention to the bag. This leather model is a good option for city gents. It is big, quality speaks for itself and the model itself is very strict so don't worry about looking not enough masculine. The last piece that I chose caught my attention because of this incredible bomber/leather jacket combination that extremely catches your eye. It can be styled in a variety of ways starting with chinos and going further to tweed trousers or jeans. Numerous combinations and no matter how you will dress, it will immediately catch attention as being of an extremely high quality. 

Lanvin brings rockabilia into our life. Rock became highly inspirational source for various designers  throughout the last few season and as we can see it will remain an important throughout Fall'15 as well. Clean cuts and no pattern play, outfits become distinctive and original because of the patterns.

Dries Van Noten decided to play with patterns and colours. Again, we can notice highly popular military long length jacket that was often shown by different designers. I would definitely recommend keeping it simple when it comes to military jacket. If you want to be impressive, add colour and originality in bottom layers like shirt rather than a jacket. Dries Van Noten also decided to play with a classical trench coat. As you can see, cuts differ from what we are used to in a classical piece and designer also reinforced this item with unique print.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Milan Fall'15 | Italy Takes It All

For the Milan fashion week review I decided to focus on three collections that brought together dark natural shades and incorporated harsh image. These are: Roberto Cavalli, Fendi and Etro. What definitely became seasonal trendsetter for me is an option to incorporate fur. It is definitely a very strong statement from the season because usually we are afraid of using it so as not to look feminine. However, only few realise that properly styled fur looks really solid and masculine. In fact, Roberto Cavalli pieces are a good example of chic rock looks that demonstrate harsh character with a tiny rockstar playfulness otherwise known as fur. 
Etro in the middle demonstrates trend which I was waiting for - oversized scarfs. It does not only provide an interesting combination of colours in the outfit but it also adds a fresh note into the whole look. In fact, it is not necessary to wear highly oversized scarfs like in this case as you will get a lot of attention, and sometimes it is not a plus, you can easily incorporate short options that are currently very popular in men fashion, but instead of using regular neck tying add simplicity by applying this free hanging trend. 
Fendi brings us completely forgotten fabric- shearling. I am extremely happy about it because I was looking forward to incorporating in my look and it truly looks good basically on everyone in addition it is also really warm which is perfect during cold days. What I like particularly in this Fendi collection is that they tried to show us that shearling does not necessarily have to be short. It looks good in different lengths and we should not be afraid to mix it up and play with the shapes and shades. 

 The Roberto Cavalli formal look is really playful. I would not call it an all occasion look. In fact, you should be really careful while choosing where to wear it. Due to the fact that it rather represent old school rock glamour, it will definitely be not suitable in working environment unless you are employed in creative industries with a not entirely strict dress code.
If we take a closer look on Etro layered outfit, you can notice a very polished look which ties a combination of fur and leather usage. This look also features a bit loosened up trousers which I in particular am not a big fan of but on some people they do look promising. However, what I really like about this set is a combination of accessories. In particular these accessories feature a combination of two materials that I absolutely love and they look astonishingly well together. I am speaking about the bag and boots. Combination of patterns does not only allow you to make more interesting looks but also makes this dark leather not as strict as it had to be.
Fendi particularly well brings a new combination of patterns. Not a lot of designers would decide to make such a brave move by adjusting pattern usage in this particular way. However, it is because of the originality that makes some collections stand out from the rest and I believe in usefulness of tactful and elegant originality, it has to be something new but not idiotic and absurd. Whereas in this case it works absolutely fine.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Paris Fall'15 | Street Style and Place de la Concorde

For me Paris is always a synonym of high life. It is one of those places where you undoubtedly become engaged with art, want to grab a croissant in a small family owned boulangerie on one of the petit rue's. Place where it seems that perfect fashion taste is crucial to survive. Therefore, looking at its street style during fashion weeks is like examining a painting. It is crucial to understand what was the message but then it is also important to engage with the content from viewers perspective and ask yourself what do you see in this pattern, colour, shape and style combination. 
Undoubtedly Paris and overall French style has its unique qualities. It is not as free as Italian fashion, but at the same English strictness is also irrelevant. I call it L'homme de Boheme - the man from boheme. Perhaps I would translate it as blurring classics with sophisticated French art and adding a deepness in to the story. This is what French fashion is for me. Please find a source of this years inspiration below and enjoy!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Italian Streets | Annual Inspiration Source

Do you know what fascinates me about annual fashion weeks? For me it is not so much about viewing the latest collections on the runway and noticing fresh trends as enjoying every piece of street style. Sometimes looking at how people themselves decide to combine different patterns, trends and colours of different designers, ages and stories becomes far more original and enjoyable than viewing laconic and very closely pieced together outfit.
I love Italy. Literally, fashion wise it is one of the top destinations for me as though it is always intriguing, spontaneous, playful and creative. I would like to share view some of my favourite pieces and I really hope that you will find your inspiration in this picture the way I did.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cuisine from Ralph Lauren | Polo Bar NYC

Beware Michelin chefs and food critics, fashion enters the world of cuisine in NYC. Yes, you heard me right, I am very happy to announce that Ralph Lauren has just entered Polo Bar Restaurant in New York City. You can find this restaurant next to Ralph Lauren's flagship store on East 55th Street. As you can notice from a picture, interior of this restaurant takes us back to classical chic of London upper street restaurants with a New York'ish touch on top of it.
As it is announced, restaurant will be serving one of the favourite Ralph Lauren dishes. Therefore, now you are not only able to wear fashionable items designed by this world famous designer, but you can also become familiar with how should a fashionable cuisine look like according to Ralph Lauren. Hope you will have time to visit this place!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Couture

Christmas Couture

Single breasted coat
$1,260 -

Geoffrey Parker Backgammon Case
$7,980 -

Polo Bag | Salvatore Ferragamo
$2,825 -

Royal Oud | Creed Fragrances
$330 -

Men Gloves Giorgio Armani LAMBSKIN GLOVE - Official Online Store
$385 -

This set is my guide for you guys on one of the ways how to look good during Christmas parties. It is no doubt that during Christmas holidays we want to stay in a cozy atmosphere with lightened candles and family surrounding us and this set is filled with warmness and coziness that inspires to be good and wrap all the gifts for your beloved ones. 
In fact, all of these pieces can be perfectly styled in separate combinations creating tremendous amount of combinations for different seasons. Enjoy your holidays guys as I will soon publish my guide on New Year look 2015. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oriental Spring by Juozas Statkevicius Spring/Summer 2015

Today I am bringing you some insight on Lithuanian fashion concepts for upcoming spring/summer 2015. I was really happy to see this collection as I got tremendously tired of all this darkness and urban styling around us. Oriental styling became a refreshment for me and I definitely believe that it is also highly inspiring.
Even though collection was both womenswear and menswear I would like to focus on menswear. What I would suggest you guys is pulling out separate ideas out of the collection and styling them with modern pieces. Especially, if a trip to oriental country is currently on your schedule, then stop on the local market and get yourself an interest one of a kind accessory, you will never regret it, trust me. Seeing a unique oriental accessory styles with modern pieces always makes you stand out.

Pictures: many thanks for Tomas&Lukas! Lots of amazing pictures.