Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Muro.exe | Statement behind Sport Boldness

Muro.exe is a really interesting concept designed with minimalistic and refined approach that appeals to young creative professionals, entrepreneurs, architects, designers and technology enthusiasts. Moreover, currently this company sells its products with the use of technical fabrics with specific treatments for each season. I believe that these sneakers present not only sport appeal for young consumers, but also very refined looked compared to some other competitors on the market.

Due to products really bold design, it is very easy to combine it with different styles and find a perfect approach even in the most classical designs. Urban textures suggest its utility in the city environment, besides sneakers are really functional and light weight, which make it a perfect choice for young professionals who need to rush everywhere throughout the day. Hope that one of the designs appeals to you as well!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Early Spring Wear Guide

Early spring is finally here and it is an absolutely perfect time for some wardrobe seasonal refreshments. This look is a lot brighter than winter combination, but still not as bright as you would imagine considering late spring or early summer. Perfect combination for a creative office or regular office on Fridays. This look is highly focused on denim shirt which is an absolute trend of this season and also this look suggests overlaying as one of the trends as well. 

Sneakers bring the whole look together with a combination of all the colors that are being used, whereas ironical feeling is reinforced with Alexander McQueen scarf. Retro look headphones are an absolute must have and would make this look extremely expensive and will involve historical presence. Of course, do not forget about fragrance, I suggest Sunday Cologne. 

Early Spring Wear Guide

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bringing Brits with Burberry

London Fashion Week has just finished and I am bringing you the best of what it has to offer from men fashion. Burberry as the interpretation of what is truly British. I am actually really happy about these pieces. Yes, there are only few of them but quality is better than quantity. Of course these pieces were not meant to capture your eye because they are rather a background for women collection, but they actually deserve some attention. Mainly I am really in love with glasses shape and colour which perfectly corresponds with urbanistic very spring related look. Perfect colour combinations and interesting patterns, which deserve a place in everyones wardrobe. Nice job Burberry. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Street Style NYFW'15

Celebrities, fashionable art pieces, incredible styling and priceless configurations- NYFW'15. There is no possible details about New York Fashion Week that can be called boring. NYFW is an amazing exhibition of latest trends and amazing configurations. Tremendous amount of stories which are bound to be retold. 

Striking detail about New York is that it can not be determined in any particular style. It would be more appropriate to say that New York is a mixture of fashion trends grabbed around the world and blurred with New York'ish behavioural extravaganza. It is not even necessary to go to a latest fashion show in order to feel part of this city wide runway. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NYFW'15 | Jacket Trends

New York is a major city for street fashion and Avant-Garde. Being a source of inspiration for many emerging and well established designers this city is always very interesting to watch when it comes to fashion weeks. This years NYFW'15 brought some great pieces and trends into our lives as well as some misunderstandings. Do not worry, I will spend some time discussing fashion cliches and misunderstandings in upcoming posts, but this time I would like to provide you a f.affiche insight into jacket trends according to NYFW'15. 

This post features pieces from two collections- Billy Reid and Todd Snyder. Billy Reid, which starts this set of pictures, is a collection of statement looks. Mainly playing with simple natural colours this designer brings Avant-Garde in terms of shapes and cuts. Undoubted presence of shearling with a combination of rustic grey shade bring countryside into the streets of NYC. In relation to the first two Billy Reid looks, it would be best if you would mix it up with clothes with the similar colour palette and story. If you are not a stylist, better do not try using statement shirts and t-shirts, it might turn out to be a cliche. 

First two looks of Todd Snyder are extremely militaristic. Old trend or new opportunity? Both actually. Military never goes out of fashion, sometimes it is less active, sometimes extremely trendy but always present in every season, that's why you should better invest in a more expensive and higher quality military piece, invest more and you will have a long time piece of clothing in your wardrobe which can be matched in different ways every season.

Next few looks of Billy Reid that are shown here are much more casual. They are much more easy to be mixed up with different items but at the same time would also make you slightly stand out from the crowd in a good way of course. Even though I really appreciate these statement jackets especially when discussing fashion week in New York which is bound to be extravagant, every wardrobe deserves implementation of classics. Get yourself one of these simple Todd Snyder jackets and you will always get a perfect everyday look. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Dress Code

Valentine's Day Dress Code

Massimo Dutti Dot Briefcase
£255 -

Massimo Dutti Raised Pattern Blazer
£165 -

Massimo Dutti Structured Trousers
£72 -

Chanel citrus perfume

Printed silk pocket square | dolce&gabbana online store

It's Valentine's Day! I hope you did not forget to buy your beloved one a present, maybe you even used one of the tips from the previous article. However, let's not forget about individual look as well. I mean, your second half will feel even better if during your romantic day you would dedicate some time for individual style. So as to make the look more romantic I decided to include red details, which make an accent at the same time not making the overall look too difficult. Red details as you can see are included in the pocket square and also on the inner side of moccasins that would not normally catch the look on the street.

When it comes to deciding what to wear, I definitely suggest going for a moral formal look, but so as to make it look a perfect date outfit and not an office piece I decided to loosen suit image and create a combination of patterns and colours with different blazer and trousers. This make you look polished, sophisticated, but at the same time ready for a date, not a work day. 

Briefcase would be a good idea because it would store all your paperwork if you met your second half right after the office or maybe if you decided to hide somewhere a box of chocolates for her or maybe even a jewellery gift. At the same time briefcase corresponds with the moccasins and definitely looks well incorporated. 

I could not add a watch to this look. Women wear different jewellery and very often, whereas we, men, have only certain attributes like a watch. Therefore, watch has to look as one of the most expensive pieces in your looks because it brings sophisticated message into the style. In fact, perfect combination of colour in relation to previously mentioned items. Could watch be red? Definitely not. Do not over play it. Besides, you would want to wear your watch after Valentine's as well and you will rarely come up with a look that would include a red watch.

Last but not least, a fragrance. Fragrance ties your look together. Tells others about your taste, preferences and wiseness. Especially if we are talking about Bleu de Chanel, perfect fragrance for a perfect day. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

You know, Valentine's Day has one quality, which makes it a really special celebration. When we have our loved one, Valentine's Day becomes a celebration of making your other half feel happy and important. Of course you should show how much you love someone every single day of your relationship, but Valentine's is an occasion to make something especially spontaneous, romantic, extraordinary, something that will make both of your hearts beat even stronger. 

In this post I do not want to share with you what I see as extraordinary and astonishing way to show your love, because I believe that every person has to come up with it himself. However, I do want to share with you guys my guide to additional gifts for your beloved woman. Even if someone thinks that champagne, chocolate box and flowers are very predictable I still believe that it should remain as part of Valentine's Day traditions. I mean, you still put Christmas trees for the Christmas holidays even though everyone does that, because it is a part of the tradition. If we take a look on the other gifts, these are some of the ideas what would make your girlfriend or wife feel special and when it comes to Victoria's Secret, you will even make a small gift for yourself. 

Hope that this guide will help you to decide on your gift. Make sure that you make your other half feel special on Valentine's.