Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Swig Flasks | Gentleman's Guide to Subtle Heritage

Since its creation in 18th century, hip flask has never really been out of spotlight. For many years it was an important part of beverage history like jazz age and pop culture. However, every year it becomes really hard to find a decent flask that would not resemble a cheap souvenir or be insanely expensive from an antiques store.

That is the reason why today I would like to give you an insight into the Swig Flasks brand. A company that keeps hip flasks tradition alive with their sophisticated yet very traditional and well made pieces.

Personally I had a chance to review one of their products known as Harris Tweed Hip Flask and I absolutely love it. First of all, I must say that brand uses high quality materials for their products and keep the affordable price. In addition, it looks absolutely stylish because of a handmade tweed pouch resembling best Scottish traditions. Moreover, the fact that it has a traditional Scottish tweed as one of the elements encourage an idea of carrying high quality Scottish whiskey in your flask.

I believe that it is worth owning a flask as a culture resembling piece no matter if it is for a personal use or only as a memory on the shelf. However, when it comes to choosing one I would stop with Swig Flasks, because that way you will not spend a lot on an item and get a stylish high quality item.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

KARUS Chains

Sometimes well styled accessories can tell much more about your sense of fashion than any other attribute of clothing. Therefore, it is important to choose accessory, which resembles your character and message. In this article I would like to share with you a brand called Karus Chains. They specialise in classically-styled silver and gold chains for men. Further on you will find a guide to Top 10 men's jewellery accessories according to Karus Chains.

Best Designer Bracelet Brand : Miansai

Miansai has been a phenomenal success over the last few years. 
Place to buy it: 
Price: 60$

Number 1 Classification in the Bracelet Category : Leather Bracelet

It is absolutely no surprise that men leather bracelets are remaining on the top as being the most popular ones. 

Where to buy it: JCU Designs on Etsy
Price: 23$ (approx.)

Number 1 designer ring brand : Triton

Triton tops the list of most searched for brand in this category. 

Where to buy it:
Price: 299$

Number 1 classification in the ring category: Wedding ring/band 

Wedding rings still remain to be the most popular classification. However, I believe that in few years time it is going to change as though many more men decide to wear rings as an accessory. 

Where to buy it: Crazy Ass Jewellery Design on
Price: 139$ (approx.)

Number 1 designer chain/necklace brand : Versace

Versace tops the category of chains/necklaces with an another masterpiece of luxury fashion.

Where to buy it: 
Price: 995$ 

Number 1 classification in the chain/necklace category : Gold chain

Yes, golden chains are back in fashion and you should definitely get yours.

Where to buy it:
Price: 727$


Number 1 designer cufflink brand : Hugo Boss

The cufflink category is one of the most competitive with brands like Tiffany, Tateossian and Cartier all coming in closely behind Hugo Boss.

Where to buy it: 
Price: 133$

Number 1 classification in the cufflinks category : Novelty cufflinks

Where to buy: Skelton's Treasures on 
Price: 32$

The Bars/Clips/Pins

Number 1 designer the tie bar brand : Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss tops the list again.

Price: 55$

Number 1 classification in the tie bar category : Personalised tie clip

Where to buy: Nici Laskin on 
Price: 600$

You can find the original article via this link: Top 10 Men's Jewellery Accessories 

And thank you Karus Chains for this sufficient article

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Harmattan Design | Contemporary Leather Individuality

Leather goods such as bags and small accessories are in constant demand due to high practical value of the leather itself and of course luxurious trademark that is hidden behind quality and hard work of manufacturer. In this article I am thrilled to introduce you to Harmattan Designs. New name in the leather industry yet with a contemporary and provocative view on modern gentlemen attire.

I have discovered Harmattan on Kickstarter as a project that is still out there waiting for your support guys. Currently brand has to offer a collection of 14 designs, which consists of messenger bags, backpacks, cyclist bags, photo bags and even a tube for artists and architects. Personally, I find it a very strong point of Harmattan that they can offer customers rare options such as artist tubes or special camera bags as though customers from creative industries are the ones, who want to stand out and very often they do not have any chance for that because they need to choose regular black carry-on that was made for professionals from their industry. I highly hope that Harmattan will revolutionise professional equipment industry with high quality leather designs.

Moreover, there are plenty of other bags that are worth mentioning. For instance, my favourite piece from the entire collection is a big travel bag that can be found right below this article. As a person who travels a lot, I am in a constant chase of stylish solutions for hand luggage and it is really hard to find something that will look amazing and at the same time offer quality for reasonable price.

I hope that you find this company as interesting as I do and will support them on Kickstarter by ordering one of the goods. Who knows, maybe one of these 14 bags will become your new best friend for a life time. You know, leather goods are timeless when they are high quality.

Some links for you guys:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Howard Flacke | Horn Eyewear

When it comes to buying new clothes, accessories or other piece of personal style equipment I love to find products that stand out. I believe that wardrobe, which consists of things about which you can tell at least one interesting statement is really fascinating. Items need to have stories. This is why today I decided to share with you guys this amazing new product on kickstarter. Howard Flacke Eyewear is made out of genuine horn making it a great looking piece with beneficial qualities that plastic would not be able to offer. 

These glasses are very light and hypoallergenic, which is very important for people who have irritations. In addition, there is one particular quality that will absolutely fascinate a lot of people. As far as I know from my friends, people who do not regularly wear glasses find it sometimes really hard to switch for sunglasses as though they feel highly uncomfortable having something on their face that constantly feels behind the ears. Horn eyewear is able to adjust persons contours after a continuous wear. Pair of glasses that resembles your contours is something we all want to possess. 

When it comes to styling, their shape and colour patterns are not avant-garde, but rather very adjustable. It would be absolutely appropriate to wear them on an everyday basis in your work environment, meeting with friends, having a weekend getaway trip and of course by the sea. Unfortunately, this brand is still on its way as a kickstarter, but if you also really enjoyed it, you can show your support on the website in order to help it become an actual market product that will make many people happy.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fashion Infection'15 | Fabulous Guests

Not only did we all enjoy Fashion Infection'15, but also there were some fabulous guests that are worth mentioning. Up to date trends mixed with alternative fashion pieces and some gorgeous finds from emerging local and foreign designers. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fashion Infection'15 | Backstage Moments

Fashion Infection'15 is over, but it will still remain in our hearts for a while as a really fabulous event held in Vilnius and today I wanted to share with you guys some backstage moments of it. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fashion Infection | Menswear

Fashion Infection annually unites people from different backgrounds that are interested in latest fashion concepts and particularly fashion as a piece of art. I promised you my dear readers to give a view on the menswear collections from the second day of the event and this is the post dedicated for it.

Lilija Larionova is a creator of the following pieces that are also known as White Horses/4. Lilija Larionova has based her latest fashion collection around childhood environment and nature. Particularly she played with folklore making it suitable for modern expectations. Due to the inspirational environment, taken materials also correspond with inspiration as though chosen materials are wool and cashmere.

Liucija Kvasyte is the designer of the following collection called Kelione. '83-'13 (Trip. '83-'13). This collection is dedicated towards analysing human behaviour, particularly daughters and fathers relationship, which is shown in a very original way. Father is shown as a role model, alpinist, who is ready for the trip. Whereas metallic textures tend to question human presence in the urbanised modern environment. Traditional cuts and modern spark are both present in this interpretation under the name trip.

Sandrine Philippe created a collection called Black Hypothermia. Sandrine is saying to have focused on the topic of past and present human evolution making all the cuts and silhouettes floating and in motion so as to emphasise an idea of the cocoon. Sandrine's collection is not one of those that I enjoyed during the show due to the fact that it is to simple and already seen. I believe that it is the main problem with dark urban collections. Most of the cuts, silhouettes and textures in this type of collections was already seen all around the world in every single city as a street style look. It take a lot of work to impress me with such collection and this time it did not happen.